Where do I find help for your new Online Banking System?

We have dedicated a specific section to answer all your questions regarding our new Online Banking System. Please visit the FAQS Online Banking to learn more about the new features we offer you!

Why bank with a community bank?

In challenging times like these, consumers need to stick with the tried and true institutions that have served their communities well. Byron Bank has always followed sound, responsible business practices to keep your money safe and secure. Our focus remains doing what is best for our customers.

How much insurance coverage does the FDIC provide?

The standard deposit insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category. A bank customer who has multiple accounts may qualify for more insurancecoverage of funds are deposited in different ownership categories and the requirements for each category are met..

I have 401k money to Rollover because I am retiring or leaving my current job. What should I do?

Byron Bank has a Passbook Rollover IRA account that you can deposit your 401k money into without tax consequences. We also offer additional investment products.

I’ve lost my debit card, what should I do?

Call 1-800-383-8000 anytime 24 hours a day and tell the operator your card was lost or stolen. They will cancel your card. Also, call Byron Bank 815-234-2561 during banking hours to cancel the lost card so that we can reissue you a new card.

Who can get into my safe deposit box if I die?

It’s a good idea to have a spouse or family member sign the signature card as a joint owner. They can then have access to your important documents.

Can I use my check card and ATM card overseas?

Yes, look for the ATM machines with the VISA or CIRRUS logo on them. By the way, using your check card gives you the best exchange rate for getting cash in foreign countries.

What is a dormant account?

Any checking account which has not had any transactions for one year or savings account with no activity for two years is considered dormant. A bank must turn accounts over to the state if they are dormant for 5 years. Don’t let this happen to you.

How do I set up payroll direct deposit?

Simply give your account number to the payroll department and sign a release form. Some employers do not have this available, but we will be very happy to help your employer set it up.

Why should I get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan?

By checking with us first you won’t be disappointed because you find a “dream home” out of your price range. It’s free!

I have equity in my home, but quite a lot of credit card debt – What can I do?

Byron Bank offers both Home Equity and Junior Mortgages to consolidate debt or for major purchases such as cars. Often these can be tax deductible.

How much lower should the rate be below my current mortgage rate for us to refinance?

Sometimes as little as 1/4% difference can save you enough to make refinancing worthwhile. Check with us whenever the rates are falling.

I’m concerned that if I die, my children will have to sell our family business.

There are many ways to keep this from happening if you plan ahead. Call our certified financial planner and set up a free appointment that can save you and your heirs thousands of dollars.

What’s the easiest way to transfer money from my savings to my checking?

By calling the Byron Bank SMARTLINE at 815-234-3043, using online or mobile banking.

How do I sign up for mobile banking?

If you do not have online banking, call 815-234-2561 for your electronic banking pin, then click on our online banking tab at byronbank.com and click on First Time Login.  Once you get logged in, you can enroll in mobile banking.  If you already have online banking, click on the preferences tab at the top right, scroll down to mobile banking and click enroll now.  Then follow the prompts.

Sign up for Online Banking and check balances and move money by a click of your mouse.