May 22, 2017

Byron Bank is excited to announce that Touch ID is now available on the Byron Bank Mobile Banking App for iPhone® users! This update also includes, Instant Balances, Pending Transactions, Check Image Retrieval and Additional Loan Details.


Note: Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Byron Bank Mobile Banking app to your phone. If your app did not automatically update you can do so in the App Store. Also, If you do not have Touch ID set up on your iPhone yet, you will need to do so in the “Settings” icon before you can begin using it in the app.




Now you can use your fingerprint to login, instead of using your username and password. Touch ID provides you a smoother log-on experience! To begin using Touch ID with your Byron Bank Mobile Banking App, click on the more menu and tap the Touch ID settings tile. Then toggle the Touch ID slide to the on position. If there are no fingerprints currently stored on your device, the app will instruct you to set up at least one fingerprint on the device before enabling Touch ID.

(Tap More)











(Toggle On)











After you have enabled Touch ID, the app will automatically prompt you for a fingerprint when you launch the app. You will also be prompted with a Login with Touch ID What’s New Tutorial. 

For security reasons the Byron Bank Mobile Banking App will require you to fully authenticate with your password when you perform a transfer or pay a bill using the mobile app. Only one password authentication will be required per session.









Instant Balances

You can now check your balance without having to log into the Byron Bank Mobile Banking App.











To begin using Instant Balances, go to the More Menu, tap the Instant Balance Settings tile and then toggle the Instant Balances slide to the on position. You may choose up to 6 accounts to show. Click on the accounts you wish to show and a green arrow will appear letting you know what account will show.













Pending Transactions

Also with this update, you are able to identify pending transactions in your transaction history.











Check Image Retrieval

View check and deposit images from within the Byron Bank Mobile Banking App for any transaction for which an image is available. Transactions with images appear in the transaction history with a check icon. Just tap the image to view the check!










Tap the icon to view the back of the check!










Additional Loan Details 

When viewing loan account details in the Byron Bank Mobile Banking App, the Minimum Amount Due and Due Date information now display under the loan balance.










Don’t have the Byron Bank Mobile App yet? Download it for iPhone here and Android here.

If you have any questions regarding the new additions to the Byron Bank Mobile Banking App, please contact us at 815-234-2561 or feel free to stop by the Byron, Davis Junction or Poplar Grove locations!