EMV Chip Debit Cards are Available!

As Byron Bank Debit Cards are expiring, they will be replaced with our new EMV Chip Debit Cards.

Many merchants are beginning to upgrade their merchant machines to be chip enabled, while still accepting cards without the EMV Chip Technology. Both cards and machines can be used either way for the next few years.


Advantages of the EMV Chip Card

The chip saves your account information so it is not transferred to a stores data base. Therefore, if a store is compromised, only information about the purchase is on their computer –not your personal information.

If your data is stolen, the fraudsters cannot make a new card because they will only have purchase information, not your personal information.


When Will I Get My “Chip Card”?

Because of the volume of debit cards that Byron Bank has, we have decided to issue new chip cards as your card expires. You can check this date on your card and expect your card before that time. But, we also understand that some cards do not expire until 2019 and some people will not want to wait until then to take advantage of the chip card security.

Simply call the bank at 815-234-2561 or stop by our Byron, Davis Junction or Poplar Grove locations and any customer service representative can order you a new card “early” for a reduced price of $7.00 and you do not need to wait for the security of the chip card. The normal cost to replace a card before it expires is $10.00.

Get your new chip card before January 31, 2017 to take advantage of this special!


Travel Notice

Byron Bank wants to make sure you travel with ease and not worry about your card. You can visit the teller line or call to let us know you will be traveling so we can post a travel notice to your account. This way, there will be no interruptions when you travel and you won’t have to call to let us know it was you using your card and not potential fraudulent activity!