Nearly everyone at some point in their life needs a loan. We are here to offer you a variety of loans to help you with your dream, or help you through a tough spot. Byron Bank is locally owned. Our loan application process is streamlined with minimal paperwork and you receive your answer quickly. No waiting for the home office to make a decision.

We can offer you the best rates (Check our mortgage rates here) because of our long affiliation and good standing with Freddie Mac.  We have closed over 4,300 mortgage loans in the last 4 years. As you can see we are organized, know the local market and have the best rates in the area.  We retain most of our servicing so you can always call us (not an 800 number).

We offer many types of mortgage loans. We know the laws and rules for closing mortgages in our areas, which is not usually true for internet or large regional banks.

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We service our loans–which means we do not sell them to someone several states away. This way if you have a problem you can talk to us directly, not to someone at an 800 number that puts you on hold.

High experience with mortgages

We have greatly streamlined the lending process to help our customers take advantage of the current low mortgage rates! Let us help you lower your rate and save money on your monthly payment. Learn more about the officers of our Veteran Mortgage Team.