Important Information about The Home Depot Compromise

Recently, The Home Depot stated that they had a compromise with their payment system. As of right now, we do not have a list with the potential compromised cards. While we are waiting on that list please be assured that we have a fraud monitoring system that will notify you of any unusual transactions. Our debit card provider, Shazam, will contact you if the system creates an alert on an unusual transaction. We also have card blocks in place that will block known fraud trends immediately.  With this compromise, we have been notified that fraudsters may be calling, emailing and texting consumers to get personal information from them. This may include PIN number changes. Please be advised that we would never send a text message, call or email our customers for their PIN. If you receive one of these calls, please hang up and notify us.  Byron Bank is committed to your privacy and security and will always verify your identifying information!

Debit Card Phishing Scam

We have received reports that some customers are receiving an automatic phone call stating that their debit card has been blocked and to press 1 to reactivate it.  If you continue, the system will then ask you to enter the full card number and PIN number.  Please know that Byron Bank will NEVER ask for your full card number and PIN number.  Please do not give out any of this information.  If you have received a phone call like this and gave your information out, please contact Christina Taylor at 815-234-2561.

Also, to file a complaint, visit the FTC – Federal Trade Commission website: