Visa® EMV Business Debit Card


We are pleased to announce that your Byron Bank Visa® EMV Business Debit Card is on its way!  During the transition to EMV chip cards, we have also changed our business debit card program from MasterCard® to Visa®.  The Visa®-branded debit card can be used anywhere in the world and also provides the utmost in fraud protection.


EMV debit cards have an embedded chip which offers you advanced security whenever you use your card. There’s a chip on the front and a magnetic stripe on the back.  The magnetic strip allows you to continue using it at stores without chip-enabled terminals. The chip on your new card stores account information more securely, and the technology itself can provide a reduction in card-present fraud resulting from counterfeit, lost or stolen cards.


Your current Byron Bank MasterCard® business debit card will remain active until October 31; allowing time to receive your new Byron Bank Visa® business card and have it activated.  The new card you receive will have a new card number, expiration date and CVC code on the back.  You will receive a PIN mailer shortly before or after you receive your actual card.  Once you have received your new card and pin mailer, you will need to activate your card by going to your nearest ATM, inserting your card and pin and requesting a “balance inquiry” or simply calling     1-866-590-4793.  That’s all you need to do to start using your new card!


It is very important, if you have any automatic payments set up through your debit card you will need to contact those merchants and update your payment information to your new card number.  Types of automatic payments which may be set up on your card are utility bills, IPASS auto replenish, internet bills, cell phone bills, etc.


Should you have any questions or would like additional information regarding this card conversion and your new embedded chip card, please feel free to contact us at 815-234-2561.